ISMINI Yiannis Ritsos monologue

Opening Night 12/3/2016 “Fournos” Theatre


Yiannis Ritsos (1909-1990) is one of the most important Greek poets. He belonged in and supported the left-wing party. His work reflected Greeks’ struggle (or fight)He wrote many poetic collections which were embraced, set to music, translated in many languages and he was awarded the “Lenin” award in 1977.

“The Fourth Dimension” holds a special place amongst his collections; in the 17 poetic monologues, mainly concerning minor characters of Greek Tragedy, the poet, free from the commitments of his political position, lets himself loose to express the undelivered desires, the unfulfilled wishes and the vanity of human existence. By giving floor to those secondary roles that Greek dramatists held in silence and in a state of non-existence, he establishes them as tragic heroes.

Though, in those personal documents the political framework is very strong and influential. The civil strife, the ongoing wars, the recurrent manslaughter and the appetite for power are a breeding ground for exploitation, where many correlations can be found with present-day life. Thus, the old and the new, the private and the public interact, releasing visions that go beyond old and current affairs and become poetic studies in time, history and human fate.

For many people, “The Fourth Dimension” is the most authentic and honest of Ritsos’ work, where one can clearly understand and see into the poet’s soul. “Ismini” is one of the 17 monologues.

It is a sensational note of the author on the play “Antigone”, though the eyes of her sister that survived. It is a subversive and non-conformistic text that shows another point of view of the well known myth (or fable – not sure). Decline, death, unuttered love, duty, vanity of fame and power and lost lives are only few of the issues that are clearly expressed by using superb scenes and, hence, making the text vivid and dramatic. Finally, through Ritsos’ play, Ismini becomes a tragic heroine as she fails, according to her personal point of view, to live the life that she wanted.



Cast List:

Ismini: Marianthe Sondaki (or Sontaki)

Young military officer (receiver of the poetic delirium of the tragic heroine): Stratos Chantziilias

Cello player: Kate Pantzari



Director: Vasilis Nikolaidis

Design and Costume: Dimitris Dasios

Music and Lyrics: Plato Andritsakis

Choreography: Efi Karakosta

Lighting: Apostolis Tsatsakos

Assistant Director: Stavroula Petrelli

Photography: Sotiria Psarrou

Make-up Artist: Katerina Peftitsi