Mini Planetarium A journey to knowledge with mini planetarium in your class

Mini Planetarium, welcome to the new digital world of education.

A new, fun way of upgrading the educational process is coming at schools, enriching and fostering knowledge in all levels of education. Mini Planetarium is a special dome screen. In particular, it is a portable, inflatable, circular “room” with a domed ceiling, with a diameter of 6 meters long. It can accommodate 30 adults or 35 children. Both educational and recreational movies are projected on the dome.  The aim of these shows is to acquaint children with astronomy and science, while combing science with mythology and entertainment. Our little friends, while seated under the dome, will be cloaked by high definition movie shows regarding space exploration, invention of optical telescope and its applications, solar system, sun’s effect on Earth as well as natural selection and evolution of species.

Together with Plato, the little mole, its teacher and friends, we will travel outside the safety of their living environment, the depths of the Earth. They will face the sun, the moon and the stars and they will learn about the legendary spaceflight with the Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first human to cross into outer space on a single orbital spaceflight around Earth. Mini Planetarium magically leads our little friends in an incredible journey through space and time, by blending scientific proof for astronomy with metaphysical metaphors of mythology in a spectacular educational fairy tale. Images are so realistic and vivid, that the experience for both children and adults will become part of one of the most interesting educative memories.

The power of entertainment in learning process.

It is difficult to describe the attraction children feel with a new interactive experience which combines entertainment with knowledge. Memorizing and absorbing information is made in a natural and non-conscious way as if playing a game. Mini digital Planetarium emphasizes in the most remarkable scientific information that determined the course of human thinking, resulting in an easy information intake and a full understanding of the show that stops being solely sterile educational material but stimulates children’s curiosity and encourages their interest for science.


Educational Internet Gateway – Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs – 


Mini Planetarium has been registered in the educational Internet Gateway of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs ( and is being suggested by the Directorate-General of primary and secondary education as a considerable educational activity

The benefits of Mini Planetarium

Mini Planetarium is set in place only for the specific period of time needed for the seminar. It is very easy and quick to assemble in a room at a school (classroom, gym, amphitheatre etc) by expert technical staff. The themes of educational movies vary. Hence, a movie can be chosen according to the topics that interests each class.


The minimum logistic infrastructure requirements are a room 7m by 7m and a height of 3.10m, as well as a provision of a 220V power plug. Mini Planetarium can be brought at school simply for one day and even be placed outdoors, provided that a canopy is available. The installation and uninstallation last less than half an hour.

Low Cost

The fact that Mini Planetarium is portable and can be brought almost everywhere reduces the cost per student, by zeroing transport costs, while maintaining a very high quality of service per student. Moreover, this way, problems, concerning safety and security of students while traveling, are eliminated.


Mini Planetarium operators are highly trained technical staff with experience in making presentations to kids. They will not interfere into teachers’ educative procedure.


Mini Planetarium can become an extraordinary recreational teaching tool for all school grades (from kindergarten until lyceum), as it can operate as a sensational complementary means for cultural activities, exhibitions and other events.


Dome: diameter 6m, height 3m

Concentric seating

Capacity: 35 kids


High Technology

The show fulfils the latest full hd and dolby surround specifications.

Safety and accessibility

Mini Planetarium Dome also fulfils the strictest safety specifications and is accessible by the impaired. The entrance is equipped with windscreen that drastically reduces incidents of claustrophobic reactions.

Cinema Training

In the domed sky simulator, our little friends will have the opportunity to enjoy one or more educational movies, according to their age, interests and inclinations. Mini Planetarium has compiled a list of scientific documentaries that start from space exploration, the invention of optical telescope and its applications, solar system, sun’s effect on Earth as well as natural selection and evolution of species.