Being a passionate football fan A game with its own rules.

A project for the education of young football fans of age 11-12

What is the current issue?

  • Excess violence beyond reason and institutional framework.
  • Massive growth of hooliganism.
  • Serious, often fatal injuries.
  • Reduced attendance at football games; families skeptical to attend the match.
  • Revenue decrease for the football teams due to reduced ticket sales and damage compensation.
  • Sport discrediting from the society.

The cause for violence

  • Weakness of society to turn everyday-life pressure into something creative, like sports.
  • Weakness of the State to supervise, educate and lack of the application of the law.


  • Weakness in identifying with others.
  • Pathological identification with the self.
  • Inability to convert violence into creative forms of expression.
  • Serious, often fatal injuries.
  • Weakness of accepting and respecting the State laws.
  • Lack of education that promotes harmonious coexistence with others.

Our Aim

  • To teach young students how to enjoy a match.
  • Promote the idea that sporting activities are a joy.
  • To teach young students how to compete with fair means and accept defeat.
  • Promote the understanding of the structure and function of a sports team.
  • Ability of the young students to respect and coexist with the fans of other teams.

We will not:

  • Focus on the issue of hooliganism and violence.
  • Create a boring curriculum consisting of “ethical” teachings.

The human resources of the project.

  • A primary and encouraging gymnastics coach that will become the symbol of fairness within the game.
  • Four pedagogues– encouragers who, together with the children, will divide into two groups.
  • Athletic equipment for the game such as goal posts, balls, clothing etc.
  • Equipment for the teams such as flags, scarves etc.
  • Stationary and equipment for the production of slogans, graffiti etc.
  • Video equipment for the projection of a short film.